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O'Brien Skip Hire is a family business, providing high quality service to both our commericial and domestic clients for more than 40 years. Being a family run business, you can be assured of that personal touch whether you order a skip or use one of our specialised removal services.

Under 2 Hour Express Skip Hire Service

Call O'Brien Skip Hire now on 0114 257 0193
0114 257 1158
Order a skip now from our range of mini, midi and large skips and we will deliver it in under 2 hours, 7 days a week. We provide good rates for hardcore and soil tipped into all our skips:
  • 4 Yard Skip
    (30 - 40 bin bags)
  • 5 Yard Skip
    (40 - 50 bin bags)
  • 6 Yard Skip
    (50 - 60 bin bags)
  • 8 Yard Skip
    (60 - 80 bin bags)
  • 10 Yard Skip
    (100 - 120 bin bags)
  • 12 Yard Skip
  • 14 Yard Skip
  • 16 Yard Skip
    Want a skip with drop down doors ?
You got it, just let us know.

Looking for a closed skip ?
Not a problem, just say the word.

Want more than just a skip ? Why not try one of our services, specially tailored to your needs:

Asbestos We specialise in and are fully licensed for asbestos removal.
Clearance Do you just want someone to come and clear a house, office or a building. Call Roger or Dean at O'Brien Skip Hire on 0114 257 0193 / 0114 257 1158.
Logs Seasoned logs delivered to your door for wood burnig stoves in 1 ton bags.
Removal Service Ideal for businesses, the elderly, infirm and those who are too busy to load the waste in to the skip. We will do it for you and take it away pronto.
Scrap Collection Ideal for people who have a large pile of metal that they want clearing away quickly. Remember we can be there in less than 2 hours.
Tipping Service Suitable for commericial clients and those with their own transport. You can tip your waste into our yard and we will dispose of it properly to regulation and required industry standards.
Wait & Load Ideal for people looking to clear away their waste double quick. We will wait for the skip to be loaded and take it away immediately so that it is out of your way.

Call O'Brien Skip Hire now on 0114 257 0193 / 0114 257 1158

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O'Brien Skip Hire, Old Dropping Well Road, Blackburn, Sheffield S61 2DJ, Tel: 0114 257 0193 / 0114 257 1158

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About O'Brien Skip Hire

O'Brien Skip Hire is a small family business with over 40 years experience, offering fast and efficent waste removal. Cheaper than a skip, no job too small. Free scrap metal collection available - 90% recycled.

We offer fast, friendly and efficient removal of all types of household, gardening, commercial and domestic waste, we have a full waste carriers license and recycle 90% of all waste collected.

The service we offer is a cheaper and easier alternative to skip hire as the waste is removed for you.

Our range of services include:

Commercial waste disposal Domestic waste disposal Garage clearances
Garden waste removal Green waste disposal House clearance
Rubbish clearance Shed clearances Waste collection
Rubbish removal service House hold waste/rubbish removal Rubbish removed from rental properties
Rubbish removed cheaper than skip hire Recycling Free collection of scrap metal
Building waste disposal Construction waste Industrial waste
Muck away Rubbish tips Site clearance

General Skip Hire Information

Skip Hire Information for Members of the Public. Skips should normally be placed within the property being served and not on the highway. In this situation, no licence is required. If the skip needs to be placed on any part of the highway (which includes carriageway and footway), you will need to use a skip hire company currently registered with the local authorities. O'Brien Skip Hire is registered with all the authorities in South Yorkshire and will obtain the required licence, releiving you of the hassel of getting the permit yourself.

Skip hire advice & help

Hiring a skip can be a bit daunting when you’ve never done it before. But it doesn't need to be. The following skip hire advice should hopefully make the process a lot less stressful.
  • How quickly can a skip be delivered? Withing 2 hours from O'Brien Skip Hire.
  • What can't I put in a skip? Basically anything hazardous and also certain materials that for environmental reasons need to be disposed of separately. Here is a list of the most common things you cannot put in a normal skip. Always ask if you are unsure or need to dispose of hazardous items.
    • Electrical equipment (WEEE)
    • TVs & computer screens
    • Fridges/Freezers
    • TyresPaint & Paint cans
    • Gas Bottles
    • Asbestos
    • Clinical or medical Waste
    • Fluorescent Tubes
    • Solvents
    • Liquids
    • Oil, petrol, diesel
    • Batteries
    • Plasterboard
    • Hazardous & Toxic Materials
  • What size skip should I hire? The ideal skip size depends on the amount of waste you think you'll be creating and how much space you have to put the skip.
  • What does the skip hire price include? The price covers delivery, collection, and disposal and no labour. Typical hire period is for a week to 10 days but O'Brien Skip Hire is quite flexible about when we collect provided you give us adequate notice.
  • Why are skip prices higher for denser, heavier materials? We do special rates for bricks, soil and concrete. However, waste disposal fees for skips are based on weight not volume of waste. The heavier the material, the more it costs to dispose of. So skip loads comprising denser, heavier materials like rubble, soil and concrete cost more than lighter loads of bulkier waste like furniture, paper & packaging, and flooring materials.
  • Can I put a skip in the road if I don't have space on my property? Normally yes, but you will need a skip permit from the council before doing so. O'Brien Skip Hire will get the permit so you don't have to.
  • What access does a skip lorry need? If you're planning to have a skip on your property rather than on the road, always check with with us beforehand how much access is required. Skip lorries are normally at least 8 ½ feet wide, with some as wide as 9 ½ feet.
  • What happens to the waste when I put it in a skip? It depends on what waste you have, where you are in the UK. 90% of the waste we collect is recycled.
  • How do I avoid using a cowboy skip hire company? O'Brien Skip Hire is fully licensed by the Environment Agency to remove waste.
  • Do skips have to have lights? Yes, if the skip is placed on a public highway it must have adequate lighting to be seen by passers-by. There is no such requirement for skips placed on private property.
  • How much weight can a skip hold? The capacity of a skip is measured in cubic yards. For smaller skips, as a rule of thumb, one cubic yard will contain up to one metric tonne (1,000 kilograms) of waste. Putting this into context, one metric tonne = roughly 340 standard house bricks. You can not apply this rule to the larger skips as there is a limit to the total weight that the skip lorries can transport. We can advise you when you call.
  • What can I put in a skip? Whilst the majority of household and garden waste is perfectly suitable for putting in a skip, certain items which may pose a risk to health and safety must not be put in a skip and a safe alternative method of disposal must be employed, in accordance with regulations laid down by the Environment Agency.